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finao-bookIt all started with an idea. Retirement shouldn’t be so hard to navigate. The opening paragraph of my book states,

“Imagine that you’re at Mt. Everest Base Camp and you’ve come across a group of mountaineers about to start their expedition to the summit.
“What’s your ultimate goal?” you ask them.
How would they answer?”

— Page one, Failure Is Not an Option

Setting the goal of writing a book that offered experience and tangible retirement advice was my goal. Did I succeed? Read the book and let me know.

Now after several years of work and feedback, I’ve turned my expertise towards the ascent of life’s financial mountain climb. I’m very proud to present my newest book…

A Millenial’s Guide to Financial Freedom

Every generation has trials and adversities to conquer. However, millennials today face a uniquely challenging environment. This one-of-a-kind guidebook reveals the foundation that’s key to your long-term financial success while discovering the joy and experiences the world has to offer.

Read Chapter One and see why you should buy the book!

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